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Enhance Your Home's Beauty and Value

woman standing near panoramic window

Gentek replacement windows will enhance your home for years to come. They not only add lasting beauty and resale value to your house, these low-maintenance windows reduce energy costs, reduce outside noise levels and operate smoothly time after time. Gentek windows are backed by 30+ years of window manufacturing expertise, and are available in aluminum or hybrid (a mix of both vinyl and aluminum).

JNI Aluminum & Vinyl Products Inc.'s windows are among the best in the industry, and our service is second to none because of our commitment to service and quality and the pride we put into our products and craftsmanship.

Gentek vinyl windows incorporate:

  • Warm-edge technology

  • Heavy duty frame construction

  • A highly durable balance system

  • Insulating glass features

They are performance engineered for outstanding energy efficiency, beauty and durability, and they consistently meet or exceed nationally recognized and accepted test standards and criteria.

For further details about these outstanding windows, please visit the Gentek website.

Protect your home from inclement weather
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