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Protect Your Valuables

Add an attractive finishing touch to your home’s exterior and protect its exterior from extreme weather, particularly melting snow and ice, with our impressive line of soffit, fascia and rainware.

Gentek soffit provides essential ventilation to help prevent roof structure and rafter decay when combined with our smooth or ribbed fascia board. The panels easily lock together for a fast, professional finish and feature a unique extra-rigid V-design.

The Gentek rainware system effectively carries water away from the home before it can spill over and damage your foundations and basements. It won’t rot, rust or warp, because it’s made from corrosion-resistant aluminum, giving you ongoing service that requires minimal maintenance.

Best of all, we can provide an “exact-colour” match of your soffit, fascia and rainware thanks to our Colour Clear Through™ palette options. These customer-preferred colour choices make it easier to mix and match materials, offering the same 12 colours throughout our entire line.

Protect your home from inclement weather
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